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Tips on Sticking With A Healthy Diet

Remaining with a dieting strategy long enough to obtain and preserve results may be challenging for even the most disciplined people. Dieting routinely necessitates forgoing your best-loved foods, transforming your habits, and investing extra precious time and money on preparing more healthy meals.

Despite all the promises out there that you may eat anything you would like and still drop weight, deep down inside all of us understand that our way of eating is really important for both our overall health and the appearance of our bodies. Even if you do lose weight in the absence of watching what you eat, you’re going to need to keep your eating habits in check if you would like to sustain a healthy and balanced body for a lifetime.

Nevertheless, if you know the best ways to work with your psychology instead of against it, you’ll realize eating better doesn’t need to be any harder compared to eating the common “see food” diet plan (if you see it, you eat it).

The tactics you’re about to learn are among the very same ones I’ve utilized in order to modify my eating patterns from fast food meals each evening to a healthy and balanced eating lifestyle. Not only that, but I’ve kept this up for 9 years straight and so could you. It merely takes doing things a bit differently than most people!

1 – Change How You Approach Diets

The primary notion to get out of your mind is that you are “going on” a diet. You’re presently on a diet! While not everyone follows a certain diet “plan,” everybody does have their dietary patterns that they’ve acquired over the years.

Occasionally individuals merely go on a diet, obtain results, then come off a diet and forfeit all the things that they worked for. This does not make a lot of sense at all!

If you will change your attention to your routines, then the adjustments you create will remain over the long haul. When you prioritize gradually readjusting the ways you normally eat, eating well will become second nature. The method to do this is to simply tackle a couple of adjustments at a time.

For 1 month, find only one part of your diet you’d desire to improve. As an example, you could decrease or eliminate all sweet colas and replace them with pure water.

Because you just have to focus on making just one alteration, you’ll more than likely have the willpower in order to succeed. After a month or two, whenever consuming water turns into your different habit, you may continue to something else. But that one modification through the course of a year is enough for lots of people to begin shedding unwanted fat and enhance their wellness significantly!

2 – Find Your “Whys”

The solution to becoming and staying encouraged is to know why you’re undertaking what you’re doing. So ask yourself, “why do I want to diet in the first place?”

For lots of people it’s in order to get in much better shape, as well as at times in order to get better wellness and more energy. But even if you realize your reason why is in order to get in better shape, have you thought about reasons why you desire to get in better shape?

Keep asking yourself “why?” for any kind of reason you offer, and figure out if you may discover the deepest reasons compelling you to adjust your diet plan. Perhaps it’s more independence to do the things you get a kick out of in daily life, or feeling more at ease in knowing you’ll live longer to provide for your loved ones, or taking pleasure in the fact that you could wear your favorite designer wardrobes.

Regardless of what your reasons, there’s always a deeper reason “why” you want those things. The further you can dig down, the more you reach the “root” factors that drive what you’re undertaking.

Then, any time you’re faced with a temptation, remind yourself of your motivations.

Let’s say you’re making a decision whether to enjoy a treat which would typically be too much to avoid. You can say. “I choose to eat an apple as opposed to this dessert because …” and then insert your purposes for dieting following the word “because.” This always keeps you frequently focused on reasons why you’re making these changes.

3 – Focus On The Process Rather Than The Goal

People are more content when they enjoy what they engage in rather than just doing things for a specific outcome. While it could appear difficult to believe, you can train yourself to take pleasure in dieting for its very own sake instead of simply seeing it as a means to an end.

If you could find just what is naturally excellent regarding eating better, you’ll be a lot more likely to eat better every day regardless of any target you have in mind.

A fantastic method to do this is to regularly be educating yourself about the numerous benefits of nutritious wholesome foods items, and even the repercussions of eating junk food.

Yet another way to achieve this is to learn wholesome recipes you enjoy. If you always have brand-new and appealing recipes to anticipate trying, this makes the process of dieting something that can be appreciated rather than dreaded.

At some point, you’ll start to value eating a much better diet plan for its own sake regardless of any “side effects” like lose weight and better wellness!

These several tactics are exceptional beginning points for getting and staying motivated for any sort of dietary system you desire to follow.


Finding Healthy Diet Programs Obesity

Diet, it can be also called as slim fast diet because most of the people will be in diet to reduce their problem of obesity. Diet therapy is a broad term for the practical application of nutrition as a preventative or corrective treatment of disease. This usually involves the modification of an existing dietary lifestyle to promote optimum health. However, in some cases, an alternative dietary lifestyle plan may be developed for the purpose of eliminating certain foods in order to reclaim health.  We can’t reduce our weight unless we follow some strict health diet program.  Obesity is the major concern why most of the people follow the diet programs and without healthy diet programs, physical exercises cannot be effective.

Diet and physical exercises when gets combined gives the possible results. Often, these diets are named after a particular region or culture that regularly consume certain kinds of foods and are relatively free of certain diseases. The Mediterranean Diet stresses the use of healthy sources of monounsaturated fat, such as olive oil. Eskimo diet reduces the risk of heart disease and similarly many diet plans are there. Toady people are interested in joining weight loss programs camp or fitness camps to reduce their weight. What is the reason for the people to join in those fitness camps? In these camps, they have all the facilities with best personal fitness trainer, fitness experts and nutrition experts.  These fitness retreat camps are equipped well and they follow a good healthy diet menu planner.

Those camps provide the slim fast diet foods and gourmet diet plans.  Gourmet diet includes natural, healthful, global, and socially responsible fare as well. One of the main characteristic is that it is consistent through all forms of gourmet cooking and uses the ingredients that are of the highest quality.  A gourmet diet plan will do a lot in body shaping and it is where you get the healthy foods in a better way. In fitness retreat camps, the nutrition expert guide provides you a healthy food delivery program and ensures that you get a healthy food delivery service.  Healthy diet program is essential because as you do some physical exercises, your body gets degenerated and you need a healthy food plan that does not harm you in any means. That is, it comprises of both health and nutrition’s and also helps you to get boosted soon.

A healthy diet program involves consuming appropriate amounts of all nutrients, and an adequate amount of water. Nutrients can be obtained from many different foods, so there are wide varieties of diets that may be considered healthy diets.  A healthy diet menu planner is one that helps maintain or improve health and it is important for the prevention of many chronic health risks such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. A healthy diet needs to have a balance of macronutrients and micronutrients. Macro nutrients such as energy, fats, proteins, carbohydrates and Micronutrients are to meet the needs for human nutrition without inducing toxicity from excessive amounts.

Amazing Diet Plans for Women Over 40

You must have noticed that no matter what you ate, how much you slept, or how occasionally you exercised, your body always retained its shape. But then unanticipatedly, once you touched 40, the same diet plans didn’t work out for you. Hormonal changes (menopause) played havoc with your system.
While mostly bodily functions remain the same, a woman does not produce eggs anymore and her metabolism rate reduces. The reduction in metabolism is the reason why most women gain weight after menopause. But, with the right diet and a healthy lifestyle, you can avoid this weight gain and loss of health.

Diet Tips for Women Post 40

Drinking More Water is the Right Choice

Water retention is a problem that most women face around the age of 40. If you think that drinking lesser water is the answer to the retention, you are wrong. The reason why your body bothers to retain so much water is because, it needs water and is not sure if it will get regular supply.

Water retention becomes more serious after the age of 40, due to the hormonal imbalance and fluctuations that come with menopause. Water retention has its own set of side effects. It can cause severe joint pain, kidney problems, etc. Acute water retention can also reach a high level, causing heart problems.

Avoid or get rid of the retention issues, drink more water. Yes, it is paradoxical, but true. But drinking more water will make your body realize that there is no scarcity of water. This will force it to flush out the water from the body, as well as the toxins. Your body will stop retaining a lot of water.

Having a lot of oranges and other vitamin C-rich foods will help your body get rid of the retention faster. Excessive salt in the diet has a tendency to leave a person feeling bloated. This is because, salt is a cause of water retention as well. Reduce the intake of salt in your diet to the bare minimum, to keep water retention at bay. There are several detox diet plans that revolve around this principle.

Smaller, Healthier Meals are Recommended

Eat smaller but more meals in the day. This is the most effective diet plan for women post 40 years. When the metabolism is low, you need to give it more work. The body metabolism tends to reduce when the body feels the need to store more energy. This is because of the natural human tendency of keeping reserves for the worst-case scenario.
A very important part of diet plan for women, is that you give your metabolism a good workout; make sure that you eat at a three-hour time interval. Stick to a healthy diet plan with a lot of vitamins and fiber content. Eat 5 to 6 small meals in the day. In case you feel hungry midway, have a small healthy snack. Avoid eating fatty or cholesterol-rich foods and stick to fruits for snacks. This will increase your metabolism, keep you healthy and strong, and prevent you from overeating.

If you have kids at home, you might face some problem. Rather than orienting the food preparation according to your children’s whines and whims, why not train them to eat like an adult? Bring in boiled and steamed foods instead of fried stuff. Instead of plenty of oil/butter, add enough seasonings and spices as per your taste and sprinkle oil, so that you cut down on the fat content. Get into a routine of drizzling, lightly spraying, or dabbing butter or oil.

Cut Back on Caffeine

It is impossible for many women to resist coffee. I know that many women vouch for the fact that a cup of coffee early in the morning keeps them up and going, thus helping them get through the chaotic situations (involving their spouse and children).
Coffee is a toxin booster for the body. While you could handle it perfectly at 30, give it a rest, now that you are hitting 40. Basically, the positive effects of the coffee (which are all in your head) will camouflage the negatives. While coffee is high is calories, it also has a tendency to reduce the glow in the skin, has adverse effects on the hair, causing hair loss, makes one sweat more, leading to body odor and skin rashes, etc.

One never feels full after a coffee, leaving its impact on the body ignored. If you really need a refresher, go for an apple. While an apple is a great metabolism booster, and contains essential nutrients, it is also a very effective refresher. Remember, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Happiness Improves Health

Laughter and happiness are important. Many women around the age of 40, get depressed because of the aging process (which is inevitable) and get into the depression rut. They only focus on the family and their work. They stop caring about things that make them happy. They stop focusing on things that make them smile. This leads them to pay no heed to their own health. Don’t let this happen to you.

Laughter helps a lot. But it isn’t easy to just laugh and be cheerful, when all your time is spent in managing your home. Join a laughter club, or if time doesn’t permit, join your old friends and have a laugh over the fun things you did during your school/college days. You could also watch some comic capers/comedy movies, just to make you feel rejuvenated. Do something that will take the load off you; something that’ll give you pleasure.

You stick to your diet and regimens religiously on a daily basis, you can afford to take a weekly off. On a Sunday, feel free to dig into the ice cream with your family. If movies make you happy, make it a point to watch movies as often as you like. Let your husband know, that 40 is just a number, and like wine, you get better with age. If you can’t do this alone, talk to your family and ask them to pitch in and help you out. You can also try following the zone diet with the help of this tip.

Exercising Keeps you Slim

You might have to make a few lifestyle choices when you hit 40. Fitness should be a priority when you are approaching menopause. Just like puberty and pregnancy, the body goes through hormonal changes around menopause. Hence, it is best to make the body fitter. Exercising helps the mind and body by increases your stamina, and helps you maintain good health, so that the remaining work around you runs smoothly.
Make a practice that once you roll out of bed, go in for push-ups, sit-ups, squats, lunges, etc., which will help you burn calories. Half an hour to forty minutes of these floor exercises and you have managed to do a good job to keep your frame in check. Alternatively, take a brisk 30 minutes walk every day, or swim or cycle for around an hour. These workouts will help you stay in a good mood despite the mood swings. This will help you lose weight faster after 40.

After the age of 40, your diet and lifestyle go hand in hand. You cannot have a great diet and a terrible lifestyle. Things won’t work out. Adopt real easy weight loss diet programs, and exercise for decent hours. Avoid anxiety, get a good night’s sleep and stay happy. These diet plans are also effective for women over 50. All you have to do is keep tabs on what you eat, exercise a bit, and the rest will fall in place.

Effective Diet Tips for You

A wholesome diet incorporates maximum amount of nutrients, which can help the body to carry out its functions smoothly. A diet which doesn’t provide nutrition cannot be healthy no matter how tasty it is. In fact, most of the tasty food items that one consumes these days are shallow in terms of nutrients. The diet that we follow should neither result into a body infested with diseases nor an undernourished, anemic one. The food that we consume should provide us with the required amount of energy and make us feel enthusiastic. Depriving the body of calories does not help in the long run. Fasting for a temporary period is okay, only if the body is strong enough to sustain it. There are many such facts related to diet which need to be understood.

Dietary Guidelines

The food we consume affects not only our body, but also the mind. Therefore, the careful selection of the foods that we are going to consume becomes necessary. A person who does not eat carefully is bound to be affected by various types of health problems. According to a popular saying, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper”. Here are some effective diet tips that could help.

  • A hefty breakfast triggers the metabolism action of our body for the day, and packs us with the energy to face the challenges of the day head on. One does not feel the depletion of energy with a breakfast under the belt, even if the lunch timing does vary a bit. This is because the effect of a heavy breakfast would last for a longer time.
  • It is advisable to avoid eating foods that contain high amount of sugar. The food items which contain a high proportion of sugars include chocolates, carbonated drinks, pastries, etc. Calories can be obtained from carbohydrate-rich foods and not necessarily the sugar-filled food products.
  • The foods (carbohydrates) with high glycemic index need to be avoided. These foods produce glucose by breaking down quickly. This glucose directly enters the bloodstream. Insulin is released in excess due to high sugar levels in the bloodstream; the rise in the level of insulin results in fat storage.
  • Drinking plenty of water is recommended for proper functioning of the body system. On an average, one should consume 2.5 liters of water everyday. For people who indulge in rigorous physical activities (sports persons), the water intake should be double of the aforementioned quantity.
  • It is recommended to have minimum amount of liquids during meals. This is because the acids that play an important role in the process of digestion, are diluted by the intake of high amounts of liquids.
  • It is necessary to refrain from emotional eating. A person can become habitual to emotional eating in times of depression, and in case of similar problems. This kind of eating habit could lead to an addictive behavior that is harmful for the health of our body.
  • Eating frozen fruits is a practice that many people follow in order to improve the process of metabolism. The logic behind consuming frozen fruit is that our body has to work harder to bring the food at a temperature for proper digestion. The metabolic rate gets increased in the process. Rise in the metabolic rate helps burn greater amount of fats.
  • Consume organic food as much as possible. These foods contain less amounts of preservatives (chemicals), which may have an adverse effect on the smooth functioning of our body systems.
  • Inclusion of fiber in our diet helps in cleansing the digestive system. Undigested food begins to rot if not removed from the intestinal tracts in a timely manner; accumulation of digestive waste (which is not disposed efficiently) is the cause of many health problems.

A balanced diet helps in satisfying most of the nutritional needs of our body. Most of the time, one follows diet plans without the proper know-how of our body system. Depriving the body of nutrition cannot be termed as ‘dieting’. Understanding the needs of the body with the proper guidance of a medical practitioner, clears most of the misconceptions or doubts about what a healthy diet is. Finally, it is the implementation of a strict and healthy routine of balanced diet that matters. The aforementioned diet tips if followed, might prove beneficial. A control on the food intake is necessary, which is why one should resist the temptation of overeating.

Ways to Find The Right Diet Program

Finding the proper diet and weight loss program for you requires a lot of research, understanding your body type and ideally consulting a physician.

With the large amount of programs available today, you want to make sure you are not embarking on testing a fad but rather a tried and true, proven diet system for yourself. There are also many different methods and types of diets in terms of what they do for you physically.

One of the best places to find a great description of many diet plans is This website keeps up to date with the latest program systems and their results. You also get to see food pyramids that accompany each diet as well as before and after photos, which always helps motivate those trying to lose weight.

Recently the Dash Diet won top diet of the year by a US News survey so we recommend you go read about this diet as a starting point. From there you can either check out each diet on it’s own or you can go to the “People” section and read about which of the celebrities have been on. Often times it’s easy to see the results of a celebrity’s workout through their before and after photos since we so routinely see celebrities on TV.

Some of the main categories of diet programs to choose from are ones that cut back your daily caloric intake, diets that incorporate workouts to burn calories, diets that revolve around the types of food you eat (carbs vs proteins vs fruits vs vegetables), diets that eliminate sugar, etc. The options for the type of program you pursue are abundant so you must first figure out why you think you are experiencing weight gain. This is a great first step in figuring out which diet type will help you lose the most amount of weight in the most efficient manner, while still feeling good and healthy.

If you are uncertain of which program is right for you, it is recommended that you ask your physician for a recommendation. If you don’t have a regular doctor you visit then be sure to get a recommendation from a friend or coworker; or read reviews about the doctor online before making a selection. It is important to choose a doctor who treats his patients well.

As a starting point, you can always go to the website to familiarize yourself with many of the diet types.


Pre-Wedding Diet Advice for You

However cliched it sounds, your skin reflects all that you nourish it with, meaning all that you eat during the day. No doubt stepping into a spa or treating your skin with a whole lot of beauty treatments can give your skin its shape and youthful firmness. But, one has to realize it is all a temporary effect and will wear off soon. What will ensure a permanent effect is, what you feed your body with. Now, most brides resort to crash diets and focus on losing weight within a short span of time. If you know you are going to get married soon, start supervising your diet at least 5-6 months before the wedding day. You are sure to have long-lasting results then. A perfect healthy diet will help you lose those extra pounds, but a basic workout session will tone your body. And toning your body is equally important as you don’t want your skin to sag. Toning also helps you get those sexy curves you always craved for. Basic exercises coupled with the healthy diet plan is a secret to get a charming look on your D-day. This article is dedicated to all those brides trying hard to get that picture perfect figure and a radiant glow. Here you go. Read on.

Pre-Wedding Advice: Diet

Firstly, you have to identify your time frame. The longer, the better it is. If you have a short time span, it becomes difficult as there are a lot of other things you have to look into and juggling all these activities may not be a good option. The rule of thumb in this entire course is start consuming loads of water, if you weren’t doing that. Make things easier for you, always keep a bottle of water handy and keep sipping it from time to time. Water helps in detoxifying your body and boosts your metabolism rate. Moreover, it works in the best favor of your skin. It hydrates your skin leaving it supple and glowing radiantly.

Secondly, watch what you eat and improve your eating habits. If you had only three meals a day and snacked on something between the meals, it is time you opt for healthy habits now. Start eating 6-7 small meals throughout the day. Remember to space them evenly. Do not skip your meals! Kick start your day with a wholesome breakfast. Never skip your breakfast, as it is a way you start your body’s engine. Having smaller meals will keep you feeling full and that in turn will lessen your cravings for junk food. It is high time you realize that you need to eliminate junk and processed food from your diet, in order to accomplish the weight loss. Try including plenty of proteins and fiber rich foods in your diet, as they speed up your digestion and work best in helping you lose weight. Add variations to your diet plan, make sure you don’t eat the same thing day in and day out, that would bore you. Since, it is the wedding atmosphere cocktails and desserts are going to be a daily thing for you. If you can’t just eliminate it opt of a champagne instead of cocktails as it has fewer calories and also prevents you from dehydration. In case of desserts go in for a small serving, but in most cases try avoiding it.

Once you get your diet right, it is time to figure out that prefect exercise routine, which would not be a huge burden along with the other wedding responsibilities. If you hit the gym regularly, awesome! Ask your instructor or the person concerned to plan out an exercise regime that perfectly addresses your concern. Discuss with him/her about the time frame you have, your problems areas you want to concentrate on and most importantly about how much weight you have to lose. You can practice this regime probably three times in a week, the other days can be spent in some dance class along with friends, or taking a walk along with your finance. This will allow you to spend time with your friends as well as your husband-to-be without you having to bunk your exercise commitment.

This may seem silly for an advice, since most of us are well aware of it. But, it is funny how, only a few actually put it into practice. I am talking about the adequate 8 hours sleep. A good night’s sleep reduces the elevated levels of stress hormones and regulates the hormones that control your appetite. Thus, encouraging the state of relaxation and helps you lose those extra stubborn fats. Moreover, the profound effect of sleep on your skin is well-known. We may be mentally at rest while sleeping, but our body is working at an optimal level at this time. Adequate sleep will give you the biggest beauty boosting benefits on your wedding day.

Be it an arranged marriage or a love, every bride wants to look her best on the wedding day and it is justified, after all it is your big day. Kate Middleton too resorted to an extreme diet regime, to look stunning on her wedding day! So, go gal plan up your diet and a good workout routine to don that glowing skin and a perfect figure on your special day!

Ways to Lose Weight with Minimal Dieting

It has long been thought that dieting is actually bad for your health. If you don’t need to lose a lot of weight, dieting can really hurt you rather than help you. When you limit your nutrition by not eating a specific food group, like carbs, or when you limit your calories every day, you are really creating a deficiency in your body. This can lead to health problems down the road, and it can harm you once you go off the diet. If you have been limiting your calories for so long, for example, when you stop limiting your calories, you fill up on all those unhealthy foods you had been avoiding. Needless to say, the weight goes right back on. Instead of dieting, then, try some of these tips for a healthier lifestyle, and a healthy weight.

Follow the Craving

If your body is craving something, you are probably lacking a specific nutrient. The key is to figure out what nutrient that is, so you can get it without being unhealthy. If you are craving salty foods, you are probably dehydrated because salt helps your body store water. If you are craving ice cream, you are probably in need of calcium, so you could have a glass of milk instead. Don’t deprive your body of these nutrients, though, just because you are watching what you eat. Just make healthy choices that match up and you should notice a difference, and feel better, too.

Eat Slowly

As Americans, we are accustomed to eating really quickly. It starts in school, when we were only given a short time to eat, and it continues throughout our lives as we are too busy to sit down and have a proper meal. Instead of rushing through your food, eat more slowly. If you eat standing up or while doing other things, make sure you sit down or pay attention to your food. If you do this, you will notice when you feel full and stop yourself before you overeat.

Stop Before You are Full

Contrary to what your mother told you while you were growing up, you don’t have to clean your plate. It’s okay to take a doggie bag home from a restaurant or wrap up some leftovers after cooking at home. When you’re full, you’re full. Stopping just before you are full can help you feel lighter, as well, and can save you a ton of calories in the long run. It all adds up!

Master Portion Sizes

Americans are particularly bad at putting too much food on the plate to begin with. Most portions should not be any larger than your fist, but think about how many portions of food we have that probably totals the weight of our fist and forearm. If you can be conscious of the portion sizes you need to make you feel full, you’ll eat less without even knowing it.

Make Healthy Choices

Adding healthy foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables to your diet can help you shed the pounds without even trying. Sure, a piece of white bread and a piece of wheat bread have comparable calories in them, but the wheat bread will give you more nutrients than the white bread will. The fiber you find in the whole wheat bread will help you stay full and keep your digestive tract regulated, which can help you feel thinner. When you feel fuller and lighter with less food, it’s obvious you’ll lose weight without trying!

Best Autumn Diet Foods

So all summer we have been told to be beach ready. Months have been spent getting out physique into peak condition. We’ve squatted for our swimwear and done Bokwa for our bikinis. But alas, summer time is over and our swimsuits go back into hibernation for another year.

For most, the dreaded autumn weight gain seems inevitable. Dark, cold nights and short sunless days make it all to easy to skip the gym and stuff yourself with delicious yet disasterous food choices. Nevertheless, this year can be the year you break the annual tradition of piling on the autumn pounds. Why not stay svelte until summer rolls around again?

So if you’re fighting the food battle each autumn, not to fear! I am going to tell you my top 5 favourite diet foods for this season. Also, feel free to comment below with your favourite fall recipes and share your own tips for staying slim this season. It it always great to hear personal experiences from readers.

Brussels Sprouts

Ok, I am going to put it straight out there. I know these little fairy cabbages are often a bit like marmite for most people, yet they are an incredible food to help you stay slim! We all know how important protein is both for maintaining muscle mass when working out as well as keeping cravings at bay in your diet. Did you know that those little green canon balls on your sunday roast have over ½ a gram of protein per sprout! Also each one is only about 10 calories. So they keep you fuller for longer but you consume less calories! Brilliant! Obviously frying them in butter with bacon isn’t going to be great for your diet. However, why not try them grilled or roasted with some thinly sliced garlic and a drizzle of olive oil? Yummy!


Although everyone thinks of pumpkins with silly cut out faces and a candle stuck inside a huge percentage of people throw the pumpkin flesh (and seeds) away. Pumpkins are a great versatile autumn squash. Whether it be in soup or even sweetened, this orange beauty is not just for halloween. As it is rich with vitamins and minerals yet low in calories pumpkin is an excellent diet food. It is also full of beta-carotene which is a very important antioxidant.

Moreover, the seeds alone are magnificently packed with nutrients. Eating these super seeds naturally raises your metabolism, therefore helping you burn fat. Just take a look at some of the nutrients these little wonder foods are full of:

  • Protein
  • Fibre
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • Folate
  • Amino Acids


Not only does garlic enhance the flavour of almost every meal but it has excellent anti bacterial qualitieswhich help to reduce cholesterol. Also, garlic naturally suppresses your appetite. The strong smell of garlic stimulates the part of your brain responsible for feelings of hunger. The best thing is I personally can not think of one savoury dish that wouldn’t benefit from a little bit of garlic. However, if you want the garlic to be noticeable in your dish my personal recommendation is in this case a little does not go a long way. If a recipe calls for you to add one clove of garlic, add six. The only time you should ever add on clove of garlic is a recipe for “how to cook a clove of garlic”. Even then I would add two!


Believe it or not, these little beauties are not just for threading a string through and bashing off one another in the playground at school. Unlike other nuts, chestnuts are an excellent source of vitamin C at a fraction of the calories. To help you stay fuller for longer they also have up to 4 grams of fiber per serving.Other benefits include promoting weight loss and controlling your blood pressure. Why not roast some up with your sprouts for an amazingly tasty side dish?


Obviously I had to get a fruit in the top 5 autumn diet foods. Out of all the fruits tangerines (as well as other members of the orange family) are a great staple for the autumn and winter months. Even my husband (who by no means is a nutritionist) swears by tangerines throughout the colder seasons. He eats them by the dozen to keep away cold and flu. As it seems, he’s not wrong either. As these little tasty fruits are filled with antioxidants they help to boost your immune system fighting off cold. They also help you to lose weight as at only 50 calories per fruit they can help satisfy your sweet tooth while suppressing your appetite.

To be fair, there are a vast amount of great diet foods available throughout the season. A great way to make the most of them is to shop locally at fruit and vegetable shops seeing what becomes available throughout the season. Sticking to soups and stews made from root vegetables with herbs and spices (to flavour rather than adding salt) is a great way to stay lean throughout the upcoming colder months. So instead of the inevitable autumn weight gain, stay fabulous in your favourite skinny jeans while keeping peak physique for when our bikinis come back.

Diet Tips for Women over 50

Women who are over 50 years have passed the most healthy stages of their life, like puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. These three phases of a woman’s life are said to be the healthiest, because the hormones in her body are being used vigorously for the metabolism, and are being processed to regulate a healthy functioning.

However, as a woman’s biological clock reaches menopause and further, these hormones become non-functional and therefore, problems like weight gain, loss of muscle mass, hot flashes, blood pressure problems, etc., are experienced. Because there are weight gain problems at this age, which can lead to other serious issues related to the cardiovascular system, it is very important for women to take care of their diet and exercise.

Diet Tips

Since there are no precise diets for women over 50, it is very important to know, that at this age, trying crash diets and other starvation methods is surely not a good choice. Even though women at this age are the most prone to weight gain and obesity-related problems, failing on one’s diet is not advised, as your body has its daily requirements of nutrients. Thus, in this article, instead of mentioning weight loss diets for women, we have put together a few diet tips related to what nutrients to increase and decrease in your daily diet. So, make sure you don’t resort to crash diets and instead, use these tips for a healthy living.

» Reduce Calorie Intake

  • When you are aging, your body’s ability to burn fat decreases gradually, thus increasing the fat deposition in the blood and the muscles.
  • Therefore, even if you change your eating habits and stave yourself for weight loss, you will gain some amount of weight naturally.
  • This cannot be controlled, but you can definitely control weight gain by consuming less calories and fats through a low calorie diet.
  • A specific amount of calories are required for a regular metabolism, but when that level is reached, the rest of the calories are counted as waste or extra, which is the cause for weight issues.
  • You can also resort to the low fat diet, where you eat low cheese, oil, salt, butter, red meat, skimmed milk, etc., and drink more water to keep your body hydrated.

» Increase the Protein Intake

  • Even though you are keeping a conscious control on the intake of calories in your diet, make sure you consume enough protein.
  • This is because when you need to burn the fat, and make muscles so that you stay healthy and fit.
  • Proteins are very important for a healthy metabolism, good blood circulation, and an excellent immune system.
  • Therefore, you can include foods like chicken, sea food, egg white, pulses, legumes, greens, and peanut butter, which have a moderate amount of protein (not in excess).
  • You can also start out with a high protein diet for a small duration of time. But only if you are advised to do so by your dietitian, along with some regular exercise.

» Reduce Carbohydrate Intake

  • Carbohydrates are another nutrient which is one of the main requirements of a woman’s diet when she is below 50. But as women age, their ability to metabolize carbohydrates decreases and instead of storing them as energy, the body stores them as fat.
  • In the low carb diet, foods like potatoes, flour, rice, pastas, and other rich in carbohydrate foods are not included. This can surely help in keeping your body from fat accumulation, and burn the fat with regular exercise.
  • Some more diet tips for women can include, eating as many fruits and vegetables as possible in 6 small meals throughout the day, and not restrict your meals to thrice a day. Reduce junk food, as that consists unnecessary carbohydrate and calorie content.
  • Drinking herbal tea, like green tea without milk can help in detoxifying your body. Make sure you don’t sort to any types of weight loss diets, as they can harm your body.

Along with these tips, relaxation, meditation, hydrating the body, regular exercise, and massages are also advised to stay fit and disease-free. When you are aging, taking care of yourself can surely give you a confidence boost. This way, your old age will not only be healthy but also happy.

Weekend Diet Tips for You

Weekends aren’t an easy time to put a leash on one’s cravings since parties and happy hour sessions are bound to come together as a plan over the weekend. What if you’ve got a really long weekend coming up with holidays conveniently placed around the same time though? How can you not plan to enjoy yourself by doing nothing but binge on your favorite foods and drinks? That’s where you go wrong – you cannot let yourself forget about the diet that you’ve been painstakingly following for so long.

All those days of sweating it out in the gym or working on your body with yoga or zumba cannot be taken for granted now can they? Why pile on the calories in a span of a few days and lose out on all that trouble? This is where things get a little interesting in trying to stay true to your diet, but having fun nonetheless. No one’s asking you to sit forlorn at the dinner table eating salad while the rest gorge down on steak and fries.

How to Control the Urge to Binge Over the Weekend

To be able to control yourself whenever you spot a sugar laden food or greasy burger is no easy feat. These weekend diet tips when taken seriously should help you stay on track without losing yourself to tempting treats.

Consciously Warn Yourself
Ask yourself if you want to see any unsightly bulges or take on a bloated look that will immediately make you feel conscious that something is up with your body. The problem with binging over the weekend is that your body retains all that it gets, because it isn’t used to foreign foods entering its system. From healthy portioned meals to big ones, the body accepts all that enters. The idea here is to tell yourself that when you stand on that scale next after the weekend, you will be heavier with the stress of having to go back to square one.

Pre-Planned Food Choices
You need to keep healthy food choices in your home that won’t let you compromise on your diet routine. Stick to eating small portions and keep healthy eats like turkey, seafood, and chicken in your refrigerator so that you are forced to cook meals at home than order for takeout. Stock up on lots of fruits, nonfat yogurt, dark chocolate and low-fat dessert (make sure you check the label of these products since some manufacturers disguise ingredients with alternatives that don’t help with cutting down on calories and unhealthy additives).

Eat these whenever you get sweet tooth cravings, but make sure you limit your portions to more than just one sitting. Space out your meals with two hours at least between each time slot. If you’re eating outside with friends or family, order for something that is small portioned, or ask someone to share that one meal with you. Avoid carbs, gluten based eats, and most definitely stay clear from meats that have traces of visible fat. Grilled seafood and rich protein meats are your best friends; if you want to dig into beef or pork, it has got to be lean. Trim the fat off before you consume these meats, discarding what would’ve inevitably traveled straight to your hips.

How to Control Salt/Sugar Cravings
I know how a bag of barbecue flavored Doritos or a family pack of Dunkin’ Donuts will have you salivating, but hold on now just a minute; why finish it? Why not just take a quarter bowlful of chips or just eat two donuts over the course of a single day? Don’t allow yourself to let go of your diet so easily – remember these things equal calories! Just think of how all that excess sugar converts into fat, and how the foods loaded with salt are going to cause your body to retain water, which will eventually lead to bloating. There are more weekends than one that you can eat your favorite foods – just divide it between each weekend to help your body stay maintained. Keep healthy snacks around your home like whole wheat crackers, baked chips, nuts, dried fruit, or desserts like fresh fruit salad with nonfat cream or dark chocolate mousse.

Drink Lots of Water
Whenever you sit down for a meal, just drink a glass of water and then get down to eating half an hour later. This fills up your stomach forcing you to eat lesser than going on an all-out gorging session. Even when drinking alcohol, limit yourself to two drinks in a sitting. Cocktails when made outdoors contain a whole lot more calories than if you made it at home.

Don’t Allow Friends to Let You Stray
I know what it’s like to have people push food or snacks towards you, saying something like, ‘Go on, eat! It’s the weekend.’ But you still have to hold on to the reins firmly and not give in to temptation. Eat a little of this and that but don’t overdo it. Cut down on something else instead, like not drinking a second glass of alcohol or eating a light dinner if lunch was heavy, and vice versa. Striking a balance is key here when it comes to juggling between meals.

These tips on how to keep your food intake in check will help you keep off unwanted calorie-piling while on a long weekend break without feeling faint the next time you place yourself on a weighing scale. Try to eat as many healthy food options as you can and be wise when selecting meals in restaurants. Especially when caught in a buffet situation, take a little of this and that off the vast array of dishes, but do not go overboard. Try not going for seconds that include large portions, but smaller choices post the first round. Have a healthy tomorrow.